Over 27 years of establishment and growth, TDH has become a leading private enteprise in Vietnam with a diverse business cope, this means that you may always find a career opportunity at TDH. With Truong Dinh Holding, we treat people as valuable assets and keep in mind that human resource is the key to group’s success. You will have a chance to advance your career path along with the constant growth of TDH.

  • Benefits: Help you unleash your full potentials, both professionally and personally, setting bases for your long term development plan.
  • Innovation: Assign responsibility to you and encourage creativity in the workplace, as this is the key factor that leads to success.
  • Career development: In addition to professional training on work and soft skills, the diversity of Truong Dinh Holding working environment also creates opportunity for you to collide and accumulate many valuable experiences that will stay with you along with the your career growth in the long run.
  • Connection: Truong Dinh Holding encourages and organizes entertainment and team building activities, annual outing and competitions to create room for interaction among departments and employees of member companies for the purpose of building a strong interconnection between companies.