Truong Dinh Holding (TDH) was established as a parent company, aiming at centralizing group’s financial strengths, experiences and management system. TDH has 06 subsidiaries operating in various industries, including Oil & Gas, Real Estates and Investment.

The first company of TDH was known in the market as an entrepreneur operating in the Oil & Gas industry. Until today the company’s products and services was catered to customers in different sectors: Oil & Gas, Energy, Mining and Metallurgy Industries.

Besides the aforementioned scope, environmental real estate is another industry that TDH is penetrating in, with a particular orientation to protect environment, help local labors locate environmental benefits and create environmental user friendly products.

TDH entered investment industry very early on, since 2006. Investment products that TDH has secured are of broad range, yet concentrated and profitable, which may be used as a strong financial source for TDH to confidently invest in large scale projects/ corporations.

TDH has obtained its mature position in the market today thanks to tremendous supports from its customers, leading global manufacturers and generations of employees.

Giới thiệu background


Integrity: means probity, righteous and law abiding attitudes. Integrity helps each person build up his/ her good personality and increase individual reputation, which in turn contributes to creating TDH’s greatest value.

Professionalism: the self-awareness of one person’s responsibility towards work and determination to exercise such responsibility. Professionalism serves as a foundation in developing teamwork and increasing work efficiency, being TDH’s most important goal.

Transparency: means conducting honesty, straightforwardness and openness in all matters. Being transparent with business partners, customers, governing bodies and with internal stakeholders eventually targets at building up trust – TDH’s most valuable asset.

TDH Core Values background EN
TDH Core Values background EN


A leading private business group in energy and clean & green technology based environmental real estate industries.